DeepMind Scholars at Cambridge

Three graduate students received DeepMind Scholarships in 2019/20 to study the Cambridge MPhil in Advanced Computer Science.

David Adeboye, Claire Coffey and Jennifer White describe their backgrounds before coming to Cambridge, motivation for taking the MPhil in ACS and how the scholarship will enable them to reach their goals.

David Adeboye

I recently completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge in Computer Science, where I specialised mainly in mobile and distributed systems. I have also interned at several firms in the technology sector, giving me a taste of both academia and industry.

While my time at Cambridge was very enjoyable, I preferred the modules which gave me the ability to explore my own solutions to problems rather than learning established methods.

My motivation for taking the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science is to further explore my chosen research areas and discover new ones.

The opportunity to perform my own directed research has re-affirmed my goal of pursuing further Computer Science research. With the facilities and teaching that the Cambridge course provides, I can properly obtain and develop the necessary skills to reach this goal.

The DeepMind Cambridge scholarship is the main reason I can do the MPhil. It has provided me with both the resources and contacts to explore different paths I can take further in my career. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to complete this course, and I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have been given.

Claire Coffey

I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.

After graduating, I worked at a startup researching AI-based techniques for autonomous vehicles. It was through this that I realised how much I enjoyed tackling real-world problems.

The DeepMind scholarship has made it possible for me to study the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science, in order to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in research. I hope to apply this to real-world problems, especially for social good.  

Jennifer White

After obtaining an Integrated Master's degree in Maths and Physics from the University of Warwick in 2016, I worked as a software engineer in the defence industry for three years. I am now studying for an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at Cambridge.

I chose to take the MPhil because I have a long-time interest in Natural Language Processing, and I wanted to develop my knowledge and gain experience with research in NLP.

I'm hoping to continue either to a PhD or to a job working with NLP.

The DeepMind scholarship has enabled me to make the decision to come back to university, and is providing me with additional support and guidance that will be invaluable in helping me achieve my future goals.

Our three DeepMind Scholars for 2019/20 are David Adeboye, Claire Coffey and Jennifer White. Here they discuss what led them to Cambridge, their interests in computer science and their aims for the future.